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Ministerial Staff


Administrative Assistant Minister
Joaquin Morrissette
Principle Function:
The Administrative Assistant is responsible to assist the Senior Pastor with Ministerial and support needs as they arise. Provide Administrative oversight and training to department and auxiliary leaders as assigned.

Leadership Position Description

Position Title: Administrative Assistant
Reports to: Senior Pastor

Specific List of Responsibilities

  • In the absence of the Senior Pastor and when assigned: receive his ministerial phone calls, lead staff meetings, oversee and lead worship services, and other ministerial needs as they arise. Be familiar with the administrative chain of command and when the leadership responsibility falls to the Administrative Assistant.
  • Assist the Senior Pastor with all ministry counseling needs from the church body as well as requests from the community at large.
  • Research Materials for the Senior Pastor.
  • Ordained Clergy will have the added responsibility to conduct weddings and funerals for congregants and as requested from the community at large.
  • Conduct hospital, rest home, home visits and other off site visits for Jehovah Jireh Disciples, family members, and community members upon request.
  • Represent Senior Pastor at council, committee, ministry team, and community meetings as requested.
  • Teach and Preach as assigned.
  • Other general responsibilities:
    • Cooperate with the Senior Pastor, Board of Elders, and other staff members in promoting the entire ministry plan of Jehovah Jireh Church Of God In Christ.
    • Assist Nominating Committee and Senior Staff in recruiting and enlisting needed workers for all ministry needs.
    • Utilize the services of the secretarial and facilities staff, which are consistent with their position descriptions.
    • Supply articles on a periodical basis for use in ministry publications relating to your areas of ministry.
    • Give full support to the united general operating budget of the ministry and avoid soliciting or expending funds not previously budgeted or authorized.
    • Serve as an effective staff liaison to assigned ministry teams and/or standing committees.
  • Basic Personal Responsibilities:
    • Maintain a vital and growing personal walk with the Lord through committed bible study, prayer, worship, giving, and attention to faithful service.
    • Maintain proper priorities in your home being a model of spiritual leadership with your spouse and for your children (as God allows). Serving as equal partners through mutual submission and godly examples.
    • Develop personal evangelism opportunities within and without the church.
    • Financially support the work and ministries of Jehovah Jireh Church Of God In Christ by faithfully giving at least 10% of your gross income (tithe), while practicing wise stewardship measures over the remaining 90%.
  • Perform other ministry duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.