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Jehovah Jireh Ministries

Church Of God In Christ



Jehovah Jireh Church Of God In Christ exists: “For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:” To Reach, Teach, Preserve, Heal, and Serve, Through Love.



To Make Disciples of all within our sphere of influence. To establish, equip and advance a community of believers through a focus on healing and restoring men who are driven by Godly purposes and Christian character to impact the family, society and the world.


As A Disciple of Jesus Christ I Will Practice the Following Spiritual Disciplines:

(The Marks Of Discipleship)


  1. Daily Prayer

  2. Daily Bible Reading

  3. Weekly Worship & Bible Study

  4. To Honor God With My Tithe & Offering.

  5. To Serve At Jehovah Jireh and Beyond As A Witness For Jesus Christ.


Building & Strengthening Men Through A Strategy Of Instilling:

  • Spiritual Accountability

  • Godly Character & Moral Integrity

  • Family Responsibility

  • Work Ethic: Financial Priorities, Financial Recovery & Prosperity

  • Community Consciousness

I Know The Truth...

Joining a church can mean many things to many people. Some seek out God and community when they feel they have lost their way, or are seeking a deeper purpose, or are looking for a way to connect to their family and cultural identity.  But it is our believe that the Church, at its core, is about finding love and beauty through God and God’s work.

At Jehovah Jireh Church of God In Christ, we inspire individuals of all ages and backgrounds to bring the Lord Almighty into their lives at every moment - moments of joy, moments of despair 

and even those moments in between. We are committed to the teachings of

Jesus Christ. We are here to spread His message

with loving patience and kindness.

Contact us today.

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